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The Essence Ebene

Essence of Ebene

Ebene is a health and wellness brand, launched in Singapore in 1996. We aim to provide protection and support to reduce discomfort in a quicker, more effective manner. The foundation of Ebene is centred around an idea from Eastern medicine that ‘good blood and oxygen circulation is most essential to health, beauty and recovery’.

Our unique solution lies in the use of Bio-Ray and Tourmaline technology in everything that we produce. Bio-Ray energy has the ability to promote blood and oxygen circulation in the body, relieve pain and enhance metabolism.

Ebene aims to help those who are looking for support and protection, those who suffer joint degeneration diseases, and those who are recovering from sports injuries or surgery. Within the body, Ebene benefits the knee, ankle, wrist, feet and hands.

Ebene is a health & wealtness brand of Wipro.

About Wipro

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting is one of the fastest-growing FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies in the region. Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has an impressive portfolio of brands which are leaders in their respective markets.

About Wipro
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The Spirit of Wipro

The spirit of Wipro is the core of our character. It energises us, represents what we aspire to be and is reflected consistently in all our behaviour.

It is the indivisible synthesis of 4 values:

  • Passionate about client success
  • Treating every person with respect
  • Globally responsible
  • Unyielding integrity in all we do
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