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Wrist Guard for Sports with Bio-Ray

Release all the tension on your wrists with the Ebene Wrist Guard. The wrist wrap, designed with Bio-Ray technology, supports blood circulation in the hands, resulting in less pain during everyday activities or physical exercise. It also helps to prevent and relieve wrist pain and swelling.

The Bio-Ray technology sowed within, emits a far infrared energy ray that reaches deep into the muscle and bones, promoting oxygen supply and blood circulation that results in more energy being delivered to the hand. Whether you sit behind a computer all day or you are an active sports player, the wrist splint will ensure your wrists are moving pain free.

The wrist wrap is a free size product and can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes, to guarantee a snug fit and ultimate support.

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  • Adjustable strap provides strong grip and optimal fit.
  • Stimulates oxygen & blood circulation in the hand
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes of hands.


  • Relieves pressure around wrist
  • Provides comfortable compression and firm support for weak & sprained wrists.

Suitable For

People suffering from wrist pain/numbness
People engaged in sports
People with active lifestyles
People working with computers for long hours

Washing Instruction

  • Recommended to hand wash the wrist splint with mild detergent, avoid excessive rubbing and squeezing to prevent the removal of Bio-Ray material.
  • Rinse well and air dry. Do not machine wash or dry clean.
  • Once the Bio-Ray material is worn out or faded, please replace.

How do I use this?

  • Hook thumb through loop. Bio-Ray prints should be in contact with skin.
  • Wrap around wrist then fasten with Velcro. Ensure fit is snug.

Available Size

Free Size

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